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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 3, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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officials are meeting right now, privately to address accusations that the city is trying to shut down the jungle by cutting off aid. robert honda joins us live from city hall with what he's learned. >> reporter: there is activity going on that is certainly feeding that fear. we were at the jungle and captured images of the homeless, and homeless groups have been concerned about. when san jose announced last year it would set up boulders and a gate at the top of the jungle, some thought it was the start of a city shut down, so when the boulders arrived, keith got worried. >> they're going to stop the churches from coming in here, trying to starve us out. >> reporter: the ministry delivers supplies to the jungle and is part of the meeting going on inside city hall. >> it sends the wrong message. because the people on the street
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think they're going to try to separate churches like ours that are a lifeline. also it sends the message that we're isolating the homeless off to themselves. >> reporter: while they won't say what decisions have been made about the jungle, officials wanted to reassure people. >> we're not trying to impede access or keep them from doing the good work they're doing. we want to make sure this is a coordinated effort where we're all working together for the greater good. >> reporter: despite assurances, some homeless advocates are still skeptical and will be watching the boulders as they get set up over the next few weeks. more details on the homeless population around the bay area. according to the u.s. department of housing and urban development, figures from 2014 show the largest homeless
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population lives in santa clara county. there are more than 7600 homeless there. in oakland and alameda county, more than 4200 homeless people. we're following breaking news in southern california at this hour. another major water main break. this one in san diego in a neighborhood near qualcomm stadium. no idea how much water has spilled. but it's certainly similar to what we saw last month at ucla. we've seen cars partially submerged in water, roadways buckling, and people floating around in rafts. it's probably hard to find humor for the people who live in houses near the break. we've observed the water still flowing and crews unable to shut this break. it is near qualcomm stadium. a tense news conference at 49ers' headquarters.
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head coach harbaugh fired back at reporters after being peppered with questions. will they suspend mcdonald after his arrest for domestic violence? the answer right now, no. it is unclear whether he will play in the season opener in dallas. >> reporter: mcdonald was out on the practice field today. this afternoon, he arrived a little bit late, about 20 minutes after the other players. and it was a very heated press conference. jim harbaugh says that he still hasn't made a final decision on whether he's going to let mcdonald play in the season opener against the dallas cowboys this sunday. he says he still needs more information. san francisco 49er ray mcdonald arrived late to practice today. number 91 is now associated with a new number, penal code 273.5. the domestic violence felony i was arrested for sunday at his
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san jose home. according to a report released by san jose police, the victim who sources say is his pregnant girlfriend suffered visible injuries. coach harbaugh says he has no tolerance for domestic violence. today he announced he hasn't decided if mcdonald will play in the season opener against the dallas cowboys on sunday. >> this is a legal matter, and you know my position. and that is to everyone involved is to allow due process to take place. >> reporter: he says the team will base its decision on information gathered until there are new developments. it appears as if mcdonald will continue as scheduled. the team will rise above the distraction, colin kaepernick says. >> someone goes down, someone isn't on the field, we have people that will step in and play well. >> reporter: daniel kilgore agreed. >> we've moved on from that.
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i have personally. my main focus right now is the dallas cowboy. >> reporter: the team has the highest level of arrests in the league. they're working on new numbers, hopefully a winning score against the cowboys. the team is scheduled to leave friday afternoon for dallas, and if there are no major changes, it looks like mcdonald will be with them. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. staying or going? the decades long question surrounding the raiders may have a possible answer tonight. taking a live look at the coliseum. the off and on home since the 1960s. talk is that they're working on plans for a new stadium. they are awaiting word from the owner mark davis. it's unclear how this would
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affect the a's which recently signed a ten-year lease to play at the coliseum. a $5 billion factory that will generate more than 5,000 new jobs, but tesla isn't building here in the bay area, they're hitting the road all the way to reno. scott budman is with us. hour loss is nevada's gain? how did this happen? >> the state wanted the job. but it looks like the tesla battery factory will be in reno, nevada, not here. and that means somewhere around 5,000 jobs will go to reno, which has been on a hot streak late l la lately. tesla still has its headquarters here along with a growing factory in fremont, as for why? reno can probably offer more money.
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we caught up with senator dianne feinstein when she heard the news. >> well, i'm sorry about that, but nevada's a good neighbor. we have a lot in common. so i wish them well. i'm a big booster for the product, and i think the all electric automobile has a very robust future. >> the bay area council also weighed in on tesla's move saying we continue to believe california can be the central place for tesla's growth with many future opportunities to see that happen. it is likely that tesla will continue to grow and hire people here in the bay area. it is good news for reno, which is growing and developing a strong tech workforce, but california will grow too, and tesla is likely to power a lot of that growth. jessica? >> let's hope so, thank you, scott. pg&e says it will appeal the
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decision for the fine they are ordered to pay. investigations found that pg&e was at fault for inadequate maintenance and recordkeeping. a fine was recommended of $1.4 billion. a pg&e spokesperson says the utility is already spending $3 billion on pipe heine safety and it wants state regulators to take that into account. every second counts. what if we all got a warning ahead of the quake? tonight there are calls for the state to take action and invest in that early warning system. nbc bay area's damian trujillo joins us from the uc berkley campus where heavy hitters are getting involved. >> reporter: people from around the world are here to take a look at this early warning system. although cost still remains an issue, many say napa should be the wakeup call. napa wouldn't have gotten much of an early warning when the 6.0
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struck because it was near the epicenter, but san francisco is testing a regional shake alert early warning system. >> our fire stations that are already involved in shake alert, even though it's a few seconds, i know the scientists can improve on this. >> reporter: the system has been running for two years. there are still worries about false alerts. but researchers and proponents of the early alert system say the technology is there to improve and expand the system. >> it's a wake up call. state senator padilla says it is more reason for the bill to be signed. and he wants this system statewide. but nobody knows how they're going to come up with the $80 million to pay for it. >> i don't want people to come up after the next big one and
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say why didn't we find a way to pay for it. >> they need to wake up to the reality that this technology exists. >> reporter: i smoke with a researcher who is here from mainland china. he says they, too, are testing an early warning system. he came here to california to see what he could take home with him. >> indeed, it is a global system. this system is called shake alert, approximately 150 agencies currently get data from it, bart included. it is funded by the usgs, largely from grants from a private foundation. a big oops in the rainbow honor walk. a star student has been stabbed to death. now another juvenile has been arrested in the murder.
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mark matthews. the story coming up on nbc bay area news. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. windy conditions across palo alto, also some haze. you can see in san francisco, the fog beginning to roll back into downtown. we'll have that fog forecast for tomorrow and who will see temperatures go hotter for your thursday for example.
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he had a bright future and radiant smile, but now his family is mourning his death. a 14 year old honor student stabbed in san francisco. they have now arrested a suspect. mark matthews is right outside the high school where the student had just started as a freshman. >> reporter: we're outside the school, and he wanted to come to this school to follow in the footsteps of his older cousin,
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jamar williams. rashawn williams joined the football team after earning the grades that got him into the prep school on a scholarship. >> he was a great kid, favorite little cousin, you know, he had a 4.0 through middle school and whatnot, and had a smile that would brighten up anybody's day. >> reporter: jamar williams said he didn't know about any death threats toward his cousin. but other family members have told me that the threats date back to his eighth grade year. this is a video of him. and his aunt says he was threatened online by another boy his same age. she does not know why. someone says rashawn williams came in with his little brother, and there were two teenagers hanging around outside. when rashawn walked out, one of the teens stabbed him in the chest. the attackers running up fulsome
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street. he was rushed to the hospital and died at san francisco general. family members told me they know who did it and took what they bri believe to the police. can you tell me anything about that? >> the family has talked to our investigators. we've also interviewed a number of people who were in the area. >> reporter: late this afternoon, the police confirmed think have made one arrest. students are being told about the attack. >> even now, the stories are being shared about what happened, why did it happen and that speculation is not always helpful for a family in grief at this time, so to be mindful of that and make sure we're respectful in our communications. >> reporter: so here's what we know about the suspect. we believe that he is also 14 years old. because of that, because he is a minor, no other information being released by the police. nbc bay area news. >> such a shame.
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all right, thank you, mark. a bit too touchy-feely. and a man under arrest for inappropriate contact with his client. he was arrested for sexual battery. investigators weren't specific about the nature of the sexual acts. he has run a massage business for 30 years, treating issues from aches to pains to even fertility problems. they expect more victims to come forward. california's approval rate of president obama may be dropping but a new poll shows state quite support of his plan to deal with imgrant children. 55% of californians favor an executive order, 33% oppose t t that. no surprise it is divided along party lines. the number of children illegally
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crossing the u.s./mexico border aloin is dropping. in july, agents found more than 5,000 children and 8,000 in june. now since october of last year, more than 66,000 unaccompanied children have been found crossing the border illegally. most are from honduras, el salvador and guatemala. elections are right around the corner. are you red eady for a debate? ca kashkari will be involved in a debate. the governor says he doesn't need the debate. already being replaced for typos. two plaques along the rainbow
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honor walk will be taken out after many noticed spelling mistakes. the word transgendered on this one is misspelled. and on this one, "biting" has an extra t, making it bitting. plans are under way to add another 20. it's not clear who's responsible for the spelling errors, but the manufacturer is replacing the plaques at no cost. if you want to get there faster, use a ridesharing service like you know iroruber . many riders say they waited more than ten minutes for taxis. according to the study, the user-friendly apps were one of the reasons why ridesharing services were so popular. a third of the riders say they
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chose these because they're faster than bart or muni. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. he's been watching outside how things are. a little windy in some places? >> yes. it is increasing our fire danger right now, keeping humidities down there. and we'll likely see that fire danger up there on the higher level as we head through the next 24 to 48 hours. plenty of clear skies across the south bay. winds gusting to 16 in the peninsula and 73 degrees. and the fogs beginning to roll back into san francisco with still a little bit of sun in downtown. as we take you into tomorrow's forecast, you're going to notice temperatures hotter for the tri valley, expecting 91 degrees, north bay averaging 85. and after morning fog in san francisco, we'll shoot up to 72. you probably won't need a jacket. now you probably started to notice outside that sunset is
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beginning to change. it's beginning to come a little bit sooner. and that certainly makes all the difference, especially in summer. now as we get a hook here in summer where we definitely have the hottest temperatures, the sun is at a steeper angle in the sky, and that is when the warmth is concentrated a lot more directly across arias. now during the autumn, the sun begins to be at a lower angle. and the highest temps are between 1:00 and 4:00. you can see from september 1 to september 30, we'll see averages going down. we will aaverage an overnight low of 47 in santa rosa by the end of the month. by the end of the month, all in all, expect much colder nights and cooler days coming our way. ahead, swimming around and
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nowhere to be found. the intense search under way for a snake with a deadly bite. and fighting for his hive. why the american doctor just diagnosed with ebola won't receive drugs that hey have saved the lives of his colleagues.
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two arrests have been made in the deadly hit-and-run case in contra costa county, pittsburg police recently released this surveillance video hoping to catch the driver. it worked, they arrested one of the suspects. the victim was walking sunday night near the corner of willow pass road and mountain view avenue when she was hit and killed. jorge perez is accused of the hit-and-run. his truck was recovered in the bakersfield area. his brother has also been
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arrested as an accessory after the fact for his efforts to try to hide the truck. a warning about the west nile virus. state health officials say it is at the highest level in california ever. last month 52 new cases were reported in california. this year there have been 181 human cases reported and eight deat deaths. officials expect more deaths, too. america's second survivor of the deadly ebola virus talked publicly today for the first time. nancy and david writebol were missionaries in africa. she recalled getting the diagnosis from her husband. >> dave came towards me to give me a hug and put his arms around me, and i knew how dangerous that was. and so i said no. just no. >> she was treated with the
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zmapp drug. a doctor from massachusetts is the third american to contract the ebola virus in west africa. dr. rick sacra is still in liberia, said to be doing well and in isolation there. but he, too, might be hided back to the u.s. for treatment. >> i know there have been discussions that this person will be coming back to the united states. i don't believe the actual site where they're coming back has been decided yet. >> nancy writebol and dr. brantley were treated at emery university in atlanta. we do know that dr. sacra will not be treated with zmapp because the manufacturer says there are no doses remaining. still ahead, president obama issued strong words against isis, promising to destroy the terror group after two public executions. what his plan of attack may be.
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and what yelp may be able to get from businesses. a judge ends a year-long controversial fight. i'm here at the stadium where the team says that technology can give them an advantage, because of what can you see on the small screen and what they can though on the big screen.
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those who make the mistake of harming americans will learn that we will not forget and that our reach is long and that justice will be served. >> president obama issuing strong words to isis in the wake of the brutal murder of a second american journalist. the pressure is mounting on the president to take a stronger approach against the terror group. but even after two videoed executions, his plan remains unclear. >> there's no question the president plans to be more aggressive in the fight against isis, but will he be aggressive enough? the white house says president obama is working on a comprehensive strategy, but many ha makers are anxious and want to see action now. die spite a threat from isis to president obama to back off, the president says the u.s. will not be intimidated and instead fight, giving those remarks in europe where he's attending the nato summit. >> our objective is clear, and
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that is to defeat isil so it's no longer a threat to not just iraq but to the region and the united states. >> but the president softened a bit saying he wanted to shrink isis to a more manageable problem. >> they should know we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice, because hell is where they will reside. >> but experts say destroying isis may only be achieved by putting boots on the ground. >> this is going to be broad strikes and ultimately relying on some ground troops. >> you're not going to be able to destroy isis in the next year or two without thousands of american ground casualties. >> isis is gaining more control of iraq and syria, conducting mass executions along the way, including the very public killing of american journalists james foley and steven sotloff.
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senate democrats are pushing a vote to expand air strikes from iraq to syria where isis has its main basis. it's suspected that president obama will get support from nato. it will only strengthen assad's regime, which many believe has us us used sir rin gas. according to one tech official, the youtube video of sotloff's death has been deleted. and twitter and other social media companies are suspending accounts that try to repost it. russia and ukraine appear caesar to a cease-fire tonight.
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russian president vladimir putin today listed seven steps he said are necessary for that cease-fire. the primary conditions are that pro-russian separatists halt all operations and that ukrainian troops move their artillery back. they are scheduled to meet in wales to discuss the crisis in ukraine. senator dianne feinstein is back home, bringing her fight against hackers to the silicon valley. she addressed leaders in santa clara. among the topics, her push to improve security and prevent identity theft. among america's top companies and the federal government, she wants to share information. >> the basic idea is that the companies have information about the attacks they face and the countermeasures they are employing against them, sharing that information with other companies and with the
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government can improve everyone's cyber security. >> now the senator's bail sailed through the committee phase, but she says it's now getting resistance from privacy groups and trial lawyers. at the graeming levi's stadium, you don't normally sigh the underside where everything comes together to enhance the fan experience. today, though, we got an up close look and are sharing it with you. business reporter scott budman was on that tour. he joins us now with a look inside and under as well. >> levi's stadium was built mainly for football but also with a lot of technology in mind. here's a hook at the stadium app that will bring you game highlights and menu options right to your phone. pa they now you're going mobile. welcome to the nerve center inside levi's stadium. >> you're going to see the guts today. >> reporter: where 400 miles of
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cable wind through the facility, aiming to make your experience in the stands more high tech. >> no longer can we tell fans, come to the venue and be unplugged for six hours. that doesn't work. >> reporter: what does work are the 1200 wi-fi access points, one for every 100 seats in the stadium. ♪ >> reporter: along with the levi's app that lets you watch highlights and order food from your seat, all from a team that expects you to go mobile at the game. >> if i come to an event, i want to be able to use my device to socialize, to check my fantasy scores, to check e-mail, to work, because we're in the valley and we're aa bunch of workaholics. >> reporter: downstairs, the broadcast nerve center. the niners say these give them a home field advantage when it comes to what they show.
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>> if a call is missed and we can show it and it's in our favor, we're going to show it as quickly as possible. if it's against us, why would we show it? >> reporter: with big screens and small screens, the niners know you're connected, and they want you to feel at home in silicon valley. and a word to the wise. there will be a hot of people on mobile devices come game time at the stadium, and the wi-fi is likely to struggle a bit. best to download the app before. >> thank you very much. now we have everything you need to know about the levi's stadium on the website. all you need to do is chick on the story box on the front page for the survival guide. that's critics say this is a loss for consumers but a victory for yelp. in 2010, several small business owners sued the san francisco-based company. yelp, as you might know, features consumer rating on
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everything from restaurants to dry cleaners. the businesses say yelp pressured them into buying ads. the businesses appealed to the ninth circuit court of appeals which upheld the previous decision. one justice wrote that what yelp did was hard bargaining and not extortion. still ahead, a warning for pet owners along the peninsula. the foe lurking in this surveillance video that has a lot of people worried. and some people claim it will be 100 times faster than regular internet speed. that's from a new internet service coming to the bay area, but is that really the case? we'll take a look in our reality check.
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is a double mastectomy the best way to deal with breast cancer? a new study says no. they compared the outcome for double mastectomies, single mastectomies and lumpectomies. they found no difference in long-term survival in women who underwent a double mastectomy and a lumpectomy. a lot of women are choosing the mastectomy procedures because of angelina jolie. sweeten up the message. that's the message from a judge for soda tax promoters.
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a 1 cent per ounce tax for drinks is being considered. it would be imposed on high-calorie sugary drinks. the judge calls that bias. he wants it changed to sugar-sweetened beverages. people in one neighborhood are making sure their pets stay inside-out of the range of a deadly smoke. a cobra is on the loose. a homeowner took this photo after the sfak bit a neighbor's dog. the dog will recover, but the snake's venom is deadly. they had anti-venom medicine on hand which they used to treat the dog. they are searching yard by yard for the snake, now, at duvg, when it's likely to venture out.
6:41 pm
people need a permit to own one of those. >> you said that was downtown? >> yes. >> we're okay. >> i'm already thinking about my yard. okay. >> we're all looking, is that the bay area or downtown. >> garden snake is what you get. >> it was a good day for gardening outside. >> i was out thayeere. >> you were doing a little pruning yourself. >> san jose is still a little ha hazy. we'll talk about your thursday and where it's going to heat up in just a few minutes.
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okay. are you fed up with your internet speed? help is on the wray in cupertin.
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>> gigapower will be available soon. >> the claim is certainly splashy. internet that's 100 times faster than what you've got right now. but can at&t back up its promise? after all, 100 times faster compared to what baseline? it could make it true or false. as we become more and more connected to the worldwide web, companies are vying for our business, with, quote, the fastest internet speeds. enter at&t, which recently revealed its gigapower service. >> at&t is planning to bring super high internet speeds to cupertino. this morning the mayor and at&t
6:45 pm
will announce gigapower. we looked into the claims. a boston-based firm publishes a report called state of the internet. the company clocks the average internet speed in america at 10 megabits. but that does not till the whole story. in the bay area, researchers krufrpgsed the numbers for us and averaged broadband speeds varies from 9 to 18 megabits per second depending on your town or city. in san jose, the average is little more than 18 megabits per second, making gig ga power only 50 times faster. in san francisco, it's faster, nearly 13. in cupertino, it's about 16 megabits. santa clara is actually slower than the national average, 9.2.
6:46 pm
the reality is at&t's new service will be 100 times faster for some users. but what's true for america is not necessarily true for you or for your community. there are other factors that will dictate your speed as well, how many people sign up for the service and what time you're trying to access the network, who your provider is. at&t does not have a hard and fast claim to hang its hat on. for full disclosure, comcast is one of the internet servers for the bay area, and comcast owns nbc universal. a message for pet owners on the peninsula, and an important place too in el camino. bring your cats and small dogs inside, there's a coyote on the prowl. about a dozen cats have been killed just the past month. here's home surveillance video of a coyote killing a cat. the video shows the coyote
6:47 pm
approaching the cat and dragging it away. attacks took place near the arboretum and near robeland park. >> this is only speculation, but the past two years we've noticed an increase, and we've had a drought. i don't know if the food sources or water-sources are drying up in the hills so they're following the creeks down. that's one theory. >> the theory is that there are more coyote eys this time of ye they may be trying to establish territory and look for food. >> these are in the flats right there in palo alto. let's bring in jeff ranieri. >> we did have that thick fog this morning. pretty much clouded in for a lot of the bay area. the fog did begin to clear back. we add what we have a coastal eddy out here. that helped clear out the fog. and you can see we've had
6:48 pm
abundant sunshine right up toward san francisco and also for a good section of the north bay. but as we get a look outside at the sky camera network right now, those of new san francisco that were basking in about two to three hours of sunshine, the fog is coming back pretty thick. can you see across the south bay, 75, hazy conditions, but still overall, very clear right now. looks like a beautiful night across the santa clara valley. we'll get you out to the forecast to the thing that's helped to clear out the fog and boost up temperatures slightly was a very, very slight shift in the wind. you can see we have winds in san francisco, but a little bit of a northerly component back towards livermore, san jose and palo alto. helped to bring in drier air, and, again, boosting our temperatures. as we head throughout tomorrow, we are going to see the warmer weather pattern stay with us. high pressure aloft, a lot of hot air building in to the
6:49 pm
desert. could be a mixed bag, a classic day across the bay area, where you go to the coastline and get cooler weather, and a few arias of patchy fog for the morning hours. and we'll have fog staying up against the might coastline. so even though it seems pretty simple, cold at the coast, hot inland, this is actually where the forecast can be extremely tricky where that wind is blowing a little bit onshore. that could help keep the temperatures a little bit more moderate. but where the wind gets cut off is where it gets hotter. so you can see what we've done with the temperatures. we've kept san jose a little cooler, but where we won't see any wind, it will get hotter with 89 expected in saratoga and sunny. we should get sunny air in pacifica that should beast you up to 81. down here across san francisco with a few hours of sun again
6:50 pm
expected in your forecast, temperatures will bounce back to the 70s, 74 expected in the financial district for the afternoon. temperatures go up a few degrees above average in napa. partly cloudy skies. sausalito, 74 degrees, and 90s for mess and ton and livermore. you'll get real close here in the east bay. i think if you're in the sun, it's going to feel like about 92, 93. and as we take a look at saturday and sunday, you're probably noticing on that seven-day ticker, we wanted to give it a little bit larger on the screen. south bay in the 80s. and for the tri valley. right there at 91 degrees. of course you can get more at
6:51 pm click on the weather tab at the top and get everything you need. the drama continues at 49ers headquarters, and the season hasn't even begun. coach harbaugh's tenth q&a with regard to the mcdonald situation. gerard moncure joins us next.
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6:53 pm
gerard moncure joins us now from our comcast sports net studios. and every game now, is tense to watch.
6:54 pm
>> rocky mountain high, they might get together and sing a verse of rocky mountain low. three homers, five runs allowed. today's inning might give them nightmares. the g-men should win against the rockies. he gave up a handful of long balls today. cory dickerson, and colorado gets on the board. and the rockies take a 4-2 lead. dickerson again in the fifth. and then michael mchenry in the sixth, just his sixth long ball of the year. giants lose 9-2. all right, the a's and mariners. seattle down a run. lefty only allowed 12 homers all season long until right now. the game is tied at 1 in front of a stunned crowd.
6:55 pm
next up, he'll follow suit, solo shot to left, back to back home runs for the mariners. seattle takes the lead and they hold on. the a's lose 2-1. will he or won't he play on sunday u the ray mcdonald question continues. mcdonald left the early portion of practice today. the hot button issue camby heated discussion with jim harbaugh and reporters afterwards. in particular, the reporter from the san jose mercury news. >> raise your hand if you are not in favor of due process. not one of you. >> due process. >> the constitution. >> the constitution -- about putting someone in jail, not about whether they're playing
6:56 pm
football or not. >> not to be punished before due process occurs. >> well, the 49ers play the cowboys in week one. they will most likely not face the dallas new addition to the defense. defensive end michael sams still trying to become the first openly gay player in the nfl has been assigned to the practice squad. head coach jason garrett does not believe sams will be a locker room distraction. >> it's about football. and we evaluate him as a football player and felt like he could help us as a football player. we want to see what he can do. but our atipgs and focus is on football, it's on getting red eye for the 49ers, and that's the culture that we have here. that's the culture we'll continue to have. to the hardwood, red white and blue up five, steph curry finding james hardin for the third ball. united states up 8. but demarcus cousins gets the
6:57 pm
put back. the lead stays in tact. this one breaks. >> al: in the third. usa on the run, leading to a curry freebie at the end. usa wins 106-71. finally, if you think time usa isn't taking the ball to the rack enough, maybe they should put chuck the elephant on the roster. he was in ontario canada. when he's not eating roots, grass or fruit, he is finishing strong at the rim as you see right here. not sure if he has mastered the art of blocking shots just yet. >> i think that body can block anything. think he could block anybody. >> we need chuck on our nbc bay area basketball team, gerard. >> i agree. he can do a lot in the middle, raj. >> did we just see that for real? >> we'll see you tonight at 11:00, bye-bye.
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kim kardashian's new shock show totally naked in gq. now on "extra." kim k stripped down in nothing but heels. her eye-popping new photo shoot as gq's woman of the year. and who she blasted while accepting her award. new wedding secrets. what angie kept secret until she walked down the aisle and her touching tribute to her late mother. >> she lived a beautiful life. plus, more breaking couples news, sofia and joe cuddling and where gabriella just snuck off on their honeymoon. the latest on joan rivers. why her


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